Welcome to the International Library of the Great P. C. Sorcar. Over the years I have been approached by several individuals all over the world who wished to attain information on the legendary Indian magician, either as a part of their general interest, writing books or articles, research work for post graduate study, or making documentary films. This demand resulted in the creation of this library. It has been created with recorded information from various sources and documents, and will be continuously updated to provide a complete world class library. I thank the Governments of India, USA, Japan, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, Library of Congress of USA, IBM, SAM, AIMC, family members, and the many magicians and individuals who have contributed invaluable material for this library.   I dedicate this site to P.C. Sorcar, my father, who kindled my interest in the magic of mixing science with arts.              - P. C. "Manick" Sorcar

Welcome to the
International Library of

Protul Chandra Sorcar (P.C. Sorcar, 1913 - 1971)